How healing can help you

Holistic Healing Centre was founded by Surekhaji in 2006 and over the years has treated hundreds of patients. Through Holistic Healing, Surekhaji and her team of trained healers have cured people of physical ailments like blood pressure, spinal injuries, migraine, menopause, infertility etc. They have also treated a range of psychological issues like anxiety, acute depression, loss of appetite and even suicidal tendencies.

Besides curing people common ailments, Surekhaji has been very successful in resolving marital and relationship problems. Many couples on the verge of separation have benefitted from counselling and are now living happily together.

How Holistic Healing Center can help everyone.

The center focuses on healing the patients in a three step approach

  • In the first step, identification of root-cause of the patient’s problem. This is done through counseling of the patient and enhancing his/her self- confidence.
  • Applying the Pranic Healing techniques .
  • Continuous monitoring of the patient and seeking periodic feedback. In addition to treat patients, Holistic Healing Center assists in the following 
  • Enhancing Spiritual Quotient 
  • Improving Quality of Life : This is brought about by increasing general well-being, satisfaction and happiness. 
  • We support the family/friends of patient by providing them encouragement, which in turn results in faster recovery of the patient. 
  • Another significant advantage of Holistic Healing Center is that we treat patients through Distance Healing Method. This aspect of Pranic Healing makes it possible to treat patients who reside in different cities or even other countries.